About BioIntraface

Comprehensive Collaborative Development

about-bioIntrafaceBioIntraface Inc. (BI) designs bioactive and antimicrobial medical coatings. Drawing on our close ties to academic, clinical, and industry partners (specifically Brown University, Rhode Island Hospital, and the medical device industry) allows BI to develop applications which are technically feasible, clinically relevant, and commercially viable. The first application of our technology is anti-bacterial and bioactive coatings for fracture fixation, with other uses in development. BioIntraface surface treatment technologies are non-cytotoxic, resist bacterial growth and biofilm formation and do not promote bacterial drug resistance. These factors make our coating a compelling choice for patients, clinicians, insurance companies, and hospitals. BI expects this technology to decrease the overall costs to the healthcare system. A scientifically-proven reduction in infection rate over traditional non-coated devices would be an attractive technology to gain market share with product lines and to license to manufacturing partners to give them a significant marketing advantage in other fields of use. With deep experience in the medical device industry and coating technology, BI management is positioned to guide this technology over the regulatory hurdles and into new product lines of antimicrobial and bioactive medical devices. Click here to find out more about our technology.

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